FF TD calls for Gardaí to be moved from behind desks out onto the streets

Gardaí should be out on our streets and not stuck behind desks, according to Fianna Fail's Jack Chambers.

The Dublin TD is calling for the civilianisation of the force after the publication yesterday of two reports from the Policing Authority that raised concerns over recruitment and high rates of crime along with falling detection rates.

Mr Chambers says communities need to see Gardaí back on the frontline in the fight against crime

He said: "There is a clear policy that we should promote the civilianisation within An Garda Síochána where gardaí need to be moved from positions related to administration and office work back out onto the streets.

"There is a crisis of visibility across our communities and it's important that we have gardaí back on to the frontline."

The party's Justice Committee member says 2,000 recruits hired as part of the confidence and supply agreement should be used to support basic policing.

Mr Chambers said: "People need to see their gardaí and feel safe in their homes and during difficult times that was a crisis where people couldn't see officers or get a proper response time if there was a difficulty or issue.

"It's very important that we build on the 2,000 number. There have been some very positive successes by An Garda Síochána in terms of gangland crime, so I think we can build on them in the context of getting back to the basic issues of policing."



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