FF criticises 'gross injustice' of different PRSI rate for pre-1995 civil servants

Deputy Michael McGrath

Fianna Fáil is calling on the Government to clarify why some highly paid civil servants will be paying significantly less in PRSI in January, compared to ordinary workers.

In a parliamentary reply to Deputy Michael McGrath, Minister Joan Burton confirmed that public servants who were recruited before 1995, will pay as little as €12 per year in PRSI in January.

All other workers earning more than €18,500 will pay an extra €264 per year.

Deputy McGrath said the disparity was grossly unfair and had to be changed.

"There is a favourable PRSI regime in place for people who were recruited into the public service pre-1995," he said.

"Essentially on incomes up to €75,000 per year they only pay 0.9% PRSI, whereas an ordinary worker in the private sector, and anyone in the public sector since 1995, is paying 4%.

"It's a gross injustice and an anomaly that people would want to see addressed."

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