Fergus Finlay: Schools 'bullying' parents into buying 'expensive' uniforms

The Chief Executive of Barnardos, Fergus Finlay, says schools are "bullying and forcing" parents to pay "extraordinary prices" for uniforms for their children.

Mr Finlay’s comments come after it was revealed that as many as 300,000 children may need the back-to-school clothing and footwear allowance this year.

The children’s charity boss says the Education Minister Jan O'Sullivan must now "compel" schools to engage with parents who are paying up to €50 for school jumpers.

The Barnardos Chief says thousands of families will not get the back-to-school allowance, and should demand better treatment from their schools.

Mr Finlay said: "There are a lot of families applying now because of straitened circumstances who will be turned down because they don’t meet the income thresholds.

"I think parents have to band together about this.

"They have to insist through their parents council that they won't be bullied or forced into buying only the expensive items."


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