Fears US trade deal could lower European food standards for GM crops

An Irish Michelin star chef is taking a stand against genetically modified foods and hormone treated meat which could end up in Ireland.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is a trade treaty which is currently under negotiation between the EU and USA.

A primary focus of these negotiations is on curbing regulations and standards in a range of areas including food and consumer product safety.

A public meeting is taking place in Dublin this afternoon to discuss its possible implications for Ireland.

Michelin star chef Kevin Thornton fears the agreement would see EU food standards slipping to meet basic US requirements.

"It was kind of done under the table … it's not agreed yet, but it's done under the table and really only got out last week," he said.

"My concern, really, would be because the standards in the US are much lower than the standards in Europe, and it would kind of destroy what we've had year of – building up quality food in Europe. Not just in Ireland, but in Europe."

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