Fears that HSE have 'exhausted' funds for new drugs

There are fears there will be very few new drugs funded by the HSE for the rest of the year.

15 new medicines have already been approved which would benefit 3,000 patients.

However, a warning comes from the state's medicine watchdog as it says the HSE's 'almost exhausted' funding for new drugs this year.

Darragh O'Loughlin, Secretary General of The Irish Pharmacy Union, says it's disappointing:

"It means the HSE is not in a position to approve any more medicines that are not currently in the market for the rest of this year," he outlined.

"But patients who are already taking medicines for ongoing conditions, who have had these prescribed by their GP or in the hospital, they need to know that they will continue to get their medicines on their medical cards or other State schemes - and that is not under threat at this time."

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