Farmers warned of importance of farm safety following death of 14-year-old boy

President of the IFA, Tim Cullinan

Farmers are being warned of the importance of safety on farms - particularly with children being at home.

Two children have been killed in farm accidents since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, which includes a 14-year-old boy dying in an incident with a tractor in Clare yesterday morning.

Six people have died so far this year on farms, and the IFA says they will look at updating guidance.

President of the association, Tim Cullinan, said safety needs to be the utmost of importance in a farmyard.

Speaking in particular about very young pre-teen children he said: "Farmyards are not playgrounds and we need to be very conscious of children playing in a yard.

"Tractors are so big now, that if they come into a yard, drivers may not be able to see young children."

He added: "In every farmyard, there needs to be a safe area for younger children, (so) that they're not in the main yard."

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