Farmers group comes out against treaty as INMO stay neutral

The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation will not be making any recommendation to its members on how to vote in the EU Fiscal Treaty referendum.

The union passed an emergency motion to this effect at its annual conference in Killarney, saying it has always been a non-political organisation, and members can make up their own minds.

However, a small number of delegates have disagreed.

However, a newly formed farming group is warning that a 'Yes' vote in the upcoming referendum will amount to economic suicide.

The group 'Farmers for No' said the EU Fiscal Stability Treaty would have a devastating impact on Irish and European agriculture.

The organisation said: "Rejecting the treaty would ensure farming does not suffer the same fate of the sugar beet and fishing industries."

James Reynolds, a 'Farmers for No' spokesperson, also claims the treaty would put the Common Agriculture Policy budget "at severe risk".

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