Family of four killed in crash leave 'example to follow', priest tells Wexford funeral service

The funeral service of a family of four who were killed in a tragic road accident in Wexford last week has taken place.

Lily Ryan-Alexander, her husband Doug and their sons Doug Jnr and Steven Alexander were home from America for a family funeral when their rented car collided with a truck on Wexford's N25.

Lily Ryan-Alexander, her husband Doug.

Parish priest Father Seán Devereux led the funeral service in Cushinstown, New Ross.

He paid tribute by saying: "A journey to grieve a sister, sister in law, and aunt ended abruptly, stunning those close to Doug, Lily, Steve and Doug Jnr.

"Doug and Lily lived the American dream. They went to the US to build a life for themselves and through hard work they did this. But they also enjoyed life moments and your memories spoken about them over the past week tell of a couple who shared what they had with others. They were generous to the end.

"Doug Jnr had traits of both his parents. He enjoyed life and was hard working. He brought joy to others through music and had a generous spirit.

Doug Jnr and Steven Alexander.

"Steve served his community as a police officer and helped to make dreams come through with his workforce through service provided to the Special Olympics. He gave hope to so many young athletes as he encouraged them to achieved their dream.

"Four people with individual gifts that they did not box up and use only for themselves but shared with family, friends and with the community. They will live on as you remember their goodness, kindness and selflessness.

"So we are left with a legacy, shoulders to stand on, and an example to follow.

"This past week we have experienced an out-pouring of such love and support. Let us keep the flame alive and spread the goodness of God made visible in our actions to others."

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