Ex-Debenhams workers to protest and urge new govt to 'stop the massacre' of job losses

The shop Stewart for Debenhams workers on Patrick Street in Cork described the job losses as a "massacre".

Debenhams workers to protest in Dublin today, in anger over losing their jobs.

The demonstration will get underway at the Convention Centre at 9.30am this morning, as the new Taoiseach, Micheal Martin, is elected.

They will wave banners sending a message to the new Government calling for action to help them.

Shop Stewart for Debenhams workers on Patrick Street in Cork, Valerie Conlon, is describing the loss of jobs as a "massacre".

Ms Conlon said: "The new government will be meeting in the Convention Centre today, so we feel now is the time for them to step up and do something because of the fact they (Debenhams) were using the fact that we had no government all along, the government couldn't do anything.

"Now is the time that they have to try and stop the massacre that is happening out there with all the jobs."

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