Everyone accepts that false abuse allegations were not used to discredit McCabe - Tribunal Chairman

Maurice McCabe

The chair of the Disclosures Tribunal says everyone now accepts that false allegations of abuse were not used to discredit Maurice McCabe at the O’Higgins Inquiry.

But Justice Peter Charleton says what must now be established is whether the Garda Commissioner used unjustified grounds to discredit McCabe at the commission.

The Tribunal also heard senior Gardaí were under enormous pressure during the period in question, with their families also affected by allegations made against them;

This module of the Disclosures Tribunal is examining whether Noirin O’Sullivan inappropriately relied on false allegations of sexual abuse – or any other unjustified grounds to discredit Maurice McCabe at the O’Higgins Commission of Investigation.

Before the current witness was called, Tribunal Chairman Peter Charleton said that everyone now agrees that false allegations of abuse were not used to discredit Sgt McCabe, but he said what is now an issue is whether the Commissioner used “unjustified grounds” to smear him.

During cross-examination by the Garda legal team, Annmarie Ryan from the Chief State Solicitors Office said all of the senior Gardaí she represented at the O’Higgins Commission were deflated and under enormous stress at the time.

She later accepted, following a prompt from counsel for Maurice McCabe that he too was under stress at the time, but said she could only account for her clients.

Two senior Gardaí are to be questioned at the tribunal before former Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan herself is to be called, either tomorrow or Monday. 

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