European study reveals low level of Irish satisfaction with public transport

Public transport usage in Ireland is well below the EU average.

A new Eurobarometer survey reveals satisfaction levels with public transport across Europe. Only 9% of Irish respondents say they are very satisfied with price of public transport.

9% of Irish respondents are very satisfied with the price of public transport, 31% are fairly satisfied, while 44% are dissatisfied.

44% in Malta are very satisfied with the price of public transport - the highest satisfaction level. At 4%, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands and Hungary are the least satisfied with prices for public transport.

Ireland came bottom of the table for proximity to transport services. Only 62% replied that it takes less than 10 minutes to get to the nearest bus, train or tram station, compared to 90% in Luxembourg, 89% in the Netherlands, and 86% in Sweden.

Almost a third of Irish respondents reported public transport services to be from 10 to 30 minutes away from home, and 4% were more than 30 minutes to one hour away from public transport services.

27% of Irish respondents travel by public transport at least once a week, below the EU average of 32%.

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