European pilot group demanding Ryanair meet unions collectively, reports

Pilots’ unions at Ryanair have demanded a joint meeting with management and suggested that individual talks on a new collective bargaining system were not satisfactory, it is being reported tonight.

In a letter sent by the European Cockpit Association - which has been seen by Reuters - the group also demanded that Ryanair commit to the introduction of permanent direct employment contracts in accordance with laws in the country where staff are based by March 1.

Reuters report that the letter was dated January 24 and signed by 11 trade unions.

Ryanair, in a statement, refused the idea of meeting unions collectively.

“Ryanair won’t be meeting with any collective group of competitor pilot unions,” it said.

Reuters also report that a spokesman for the ECA declined to comment on whether the letter represented their position.

In December Ryanair announced it would recognise pilot unions for the first time.

Reuters go on to report that the letter from the ECA made eight separate demands, including that Ryanair negotiate with all national pilot associations representing its pilots, that it include pilots not directly employed and that pilots be allowed to freely choose their own representatives.

- Digital Desk & Reuters

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