European officials due in Ireland to assess Troika relationship

A delegation of European officials arrive in Dublin later to investigate the role of the Troika in Ireland's bailout.

The members of the EU Economic Affair's Committee will spend two days meeting with representatives from the Department of Finance and the Central Bank.

The high-level delegation is in Dublin today and tomorrow as part of its inquiry into the role and operations of the ECB, EU Commission and IMF in programme countries.

They will also hold talks with TDs, business groups and trade unions.

Spokesperson for the European United Left, MEP Paul Murphy, says there should also be an investigation into the people who benefitted from the bailout.

"It would be very good [if they could do that]," he said. "There are winners and losers here - the winners are obviously the banks, who have been bailed out to a huge extent."

"The only thing that is up in Ireland is profits for big business, which are 21% up since 2007."

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