EU set to 'significantly enhance' rail passengers' rights

The EU may be about to boost passenger rights for people travelling by train.

Proposals are going before the European Parliament this month which could become law in member states by the end of next year.

Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes said it would give rail passengers the same type of protection as air travel.

Mr Hayes said: "This is an extension of an existing consumer code that was there for airline passengers and is now going to be put in place for rail passengers.

"I think it would significantly enhance people's rights on the railways."

It would also extend to passengers with a disability or passengers who want to bring their bikes with them.

The European Parliament measures could become law by the end of next year.

Mr Hayes said: "People, when they go to book their tickets, need to know that they have some rights. It's not right, for instance, that a train can simply cancel a train journey.

"You are then discommoded without getting any compensation, that's not right.

"And it puts a responsibility on the train companies to up their game, whether they are a public service provider or a private sector provider, they have to apply the same rules in all parts of the European Union."

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