Eoghan Murphy criticised over reclassification of homeless people

Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy is under fire over the reclassification of homeless people in Dublin.

Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH) says hundreds have been removed from the official stats as they have been put into short term holiday apartments.

It comes ahead of the announcement of the April homeless figures which are due out in the next 48 hours.

Speaking to Newstalk, ICHH spokesperson, Brian McLoughlin said they do not have proper tenancy rights.

"We were made aware towards the end of last week regarding some licensing agreement that had put some people who were in homeless accommodation into short-term holiday apartments," said Mr McLoughlin.

"In some cases, costing as much as €2,700 a month but without any proper security of tenure or any tenancy rights.

"That is a massive concern for us."

Mr McLoughlin is calling on Minister Murphy to put homeless people into long-term accommodation.

"What we need to see now from Minister Eoghan Murphy and also from Brendan Kenny, Deputy Chief Executive of Dublin City Council is clarification on these contracts or licensing agreement with these tourist industry-based apartment letters.

"We need to know exactly what supports are in place for people when they leave this accommodation.

"We need to know the total cost involved and we need to know why there is not a proper contract in place to keep those people in the properties long-term."

We are awaiting a response from the minister's office.

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