Environmental groups to protest against Trump's decision to withdraw from Climate Agreement

The leader of the Green Party says our efforts to adhere to the Paris Climate Change Agreement will be futile without America's involvement.

Donald Trump announced last night that he is pulling the US, the world's second largest polluter, out of the deal because it's bad for American jobs.

Irish Environmental groups are holding a protest against the decision outside the American Embassy in Dublin at lunchtime today.

Green Party Leader Deputy Eamon Ryan has explained why they want to make their voices heard.

"America pulling out actually affects everyone because it's a common security.

"It's our one atmosphere and by continuing to pollute by not caring about climate he threatens everyone.

"America is no longer the leader of the free world, America is the shamed - the most shamed country - in the free world because it's literally turning its back on its own people and other people.

"It's turning its back on science," he said.


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