Environment Minister not able to intervene in Brooks decision

The new Environment Minister, Alan Kelly, says he will not be rushing emergency legislation through to solve the Garth Brooks debacle.

Up to 400,000 ticket holders are still unsure if the gigs will go ahead in two weeks' time, after licenses were refused for two out of five shows at Croke Park.

Mr Kelly issued a statement last night saying changing the licencing laws could open the concerts up to a legal challenge, and he said he was legally prevented by intervening in planning decisions.

In his statement, Minister Kelly said emergency legislation to allow all five gigs go ahead at Croke Park later this month would "make an already bad situation worse" and he "will not be going down this road".

He added that he is legally prohibited from interfering in "any individual decision made by a planning authority".

Minister Kelly is calling for all parties to come together to resolve the issue within the next 48 hours, after Ticketmaster said they wouldn't start refunds until Thursday.

He says he is hopeful that a resolution can be found.

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