Enormous crowds line the streets in support of Strike4Repeal

Enormous crowds of people lined the streets today in support of repealing the 8th Amendment.

Women and men are striking from work and went marching from noon today in a mass protest organised by Strike4Repeal.

People were encouraged to take the day off to show solidarity for the 11 Irish women a day who travel abroad to access safe and legal abortions.

The scene in Cork today. Photo credit: Sheba Gray.

The Strike4Repeal movement urged women to wear black to work today and organise lunchtime walkouts.

The result was a breath-taking show of solidarity from the people of Ireland.

A post-work demonstration also got underway at Parnell Square in Dublin in the last hour.

Earlier, a small group of pro-life campaigners gathered outside the Central Bank on Dame Street in a counter-protest.

The scene in Dublin today. Credit: Gareth Chaney Collins.





By Claire Anderson

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