Enda Kenny 'said he would seek support from FF'

Enda Kenny has told a group of independent TDs he is prepared to speak to Fianna Fáil about securing its support for a minority Government.

The comments came in a meeting with five rural TDs who are entering talks hoping to form a Government "in the national interest".

One of the five, Dr Michael Harty, said that Enda Kenny confirmed to them that he will work with Fianna Fáil to ensure a minority Government is stable.

Dr Michael Harty (left)

The Clare TD said that the Taoiseach also committed that a new Government would do its work differently.

"This is obviously not going to be a majority Government," he said.

"The last Government was a huge majority Government and they were guaranteed to win all their votes.

"This is a minority Government, and because it is a minority Government, it has to work in a completely different way.

"It has to be a new form of politics and it has to be based on compromise and inclusivity and in trust, and that's what we were trying to start building today."


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