End of 'Baptism barrier' doesn't tackle need for multidenominational schools: Educate Together

Catholic primary schools will no longer be permitted to use religion as a basis for admission.

A new proposal from the Minister for Education Richard Bruton will see the lifting of the so-called 'baptism barrier' in the majority of Ireland' primary schools, however minority schools will be entitled to maintain religion based admissions.

Emer Nowlan from Educate Together has said more needs to be done.

"We look forward to the detail but what this won't do is, is it won't give more parents access to other types of schools, so in Educate Together the demand for our schools is increasing more and more quickly every year.

"These parents don't want access to religious schools so I suppose alongside these changes the Minister also needs to sanction more Educate Together schools to meet that growing demand," she said.

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