Emotional appeal after Huntington's Association loses funding

A charity which had its funding cut last week is being described as "a lifeline".

It has come from a woman whose husband has Huntington's Disease, and whose daughter has tested positive for the illness which causes brain cells to degenerate.

The Huntington's Disease Association is one of 25 groups which last week lost some of its funding under a scheme from the Department of the Environment.

The woman, who does not want to be identified, says it is hard to look at photos of her husband before he got sick.

She said: "All I can see is this photograph of him, end-stage Huntington's, and then I look at my girl and I know in the future she's going to be exactly like him - and that breaks my heart.

"And the only thing that supports me and keeps me going is the Huntington's Association and all of the other Huntington's family in the country".

"It is out lifeline, and we cannot let it go," she added.

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