Election candidate Sheridan pays fine given to woman who tore up his leaflets

A local election candidate caught up in a littering row after a woman tore up his leaflets in front of him has paid the €150 fine given to the woman.

Labour candidate Gerry Sheridan was canvassing in Mullingar, Co Westmeath when mother-of-three Michelle Byrne refused to allow him to put his fliers through her door.

She ripped them up in front of him, but later tidied them into her bin.

Thirty-two-year-old Michelle then received a fine for €150 from the council for littering, but said she would not pay it, saying she would go to prison instead if it came to that.

Now Mr Sheridan has paid the fine, citing "particular sensitivities".

Statement from Cllr Gerry Sheridan:

"Circumstances surrounding an incident in which I was involved while canvassing recently in Fair Green Columb Drive Estate in Mullingar have been a matter of some public discussion in recent days.

"There are particular sensitivities in this case, and for this reason, I decided to pay the fine that arose from the incident, myself. Payment was made to Westmeath County Council on Thursday the 8th.

"The Residents of Columb Drive have advised me that they will not tolerate littering or illegal dumping of any kind on their estate. I will continue to represent the Residents on this issue and other issues as I have continuously carried out for the past five years.

"I now wish to focus all my attention on my campaign to win a seat on Westmeath County Council in the Mullingar/ Kilbeggan Electoral Area, and for that reason, I will not be making any further comments on this matter."

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