Elderly man at centre of Perrin case on the stand

An elderly man who was allegedly deceived by his solicitor into leaving half his estate to her children is being cross examined before a jury.

Sixty-year-old Heather Perrin, who is now a district court judge living at Lambay Court, Malahide, Dublin denies deceptively inducing Thomas Davis to bequeath half of his estate to Sybill and Adam Perrin in January 2009.

The jury has heard Perrin told gardaí that she acted on the instructions of her client, Thomas Davis who, along with his wife, Ada were her good friends.

There is evidence under the terms of the will, the judge's two children Adam and Sybill, were to receive half of Davis's estate.

The other main beneficiaries were Ada Davis's two nieces in the UK but the court's heard there'll be evidence Heather Perrin claimed the Davis's were concerned that they had squandered money in the past.

On the stand today, Thomas Davis, now in his 80s, denies having had any such concerns about his two nieces.

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