Elderly couple in Kerry left up to their waists in minutes after home was flooded

An elderly couple in Co Kerry were left up to their waists in water within minutes of their home being flooded in the early hours of this morning.

Pat McElligott said his 88-year-old father and 78-year-old mother had to be evacuated when their home near Listowel flooded shortly after 4am.

It is the third time their home has been flooded in almost three years.

Mr McElligott says immediate action is needed as he fears for his parents' well-being every time it rains.

"Every time it rains we're worried about them in case we get flooded inside. It comes in so fast they could fall out of bed and drown or something. It comes in that fast," said Mr McElligott.

"The council now has had engineers here for the last three years about doing something. But still nothing has been done. It's a joke."

Kerry County Council says it has received funding recently to provide a long-term solution to flooding problems in the area.

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