Elderly couple evicted from rented home in Dublin

Martin Coyne (archive picture by Courtpix)

An elderly couple have been evicted from the home they were renting in Carpenterstown in west Dublin this morning.

The house where Martin (71) and Violet Coyne (61) have been living has been repossessed by representatives from the Sheriffs Office. The couple have been living in Carpenterstown for 15 years.

The pensioners are due back before a judge this morning.

They claim they have not been able to find alternative accommodation.

Martin Coyne said they were thrown out of their house in their night clothes.

"We can't even get back into the house to get our clothes to go to court in a decent way," he said.

"I've my slippers on and my and my wife's in her nightdress and we're going to have to go to court like that."

Martin Coyne outlined the couple's situation to Pat Kenny on newstalk today:

The couple were previously told it would be three or four years before they would get a home on social housing.


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July, a judge refused to jail Martin and Violet, who faced prison for contempt of court by defying a judge’s order to have left their home by midnight two days previously.

Following pleas in the circuit civil court by and on behalf of the Coynes, Judge Jacqueline Linnane adjourned an application to commit both of the Coynes to prison until today, August 27.

At the hearing, Judge Linnane told Stephen Byrne, counsel for the receiver of assets of Daragh Ward, the house owner and the Coynes’ former landlord, that the county sheriff could be asked to execute the court order for possession of the property.

Mr Ward, who had a mortgage with ACC Bank, went into receivership in 2012. The receiver, Shane McCarthy, had sought possession in order to sell the house to reduce Mr Ward’s debt to the bank.

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