Eight arrested in Patrick’s Day celebrations in Holylands

Eight people were arrested in south Belfast’s Holylands on St Patrick’s Day.

They were detained for offences including disorderly behaviour, criminal damage and assault. A large amount of alcohol was confiscated by police.

The city centre parade and concert enjoyed by many hundreds of people passed off without incident.

A police spokesman said: “The coordinated response adopted by all agencies on the ground and early intervention proved effective in limiting and preventing any significant public disorder.

“While we want to recognise and build upon the huge effort and hard work of all the statutory agencies, volunteers, universities and residents’ representatives involved in ensuring this year’s St Patrick’s Day was a success for the city, we are conscious that many of the longer term issues faced by Holyland residents remain. Police, along with the universities, the council and others, want to reiterate our commitment to working year round to improve the quality of life for people living in the area.

“In particular we will continue to address antisocial behaviour and on-street drinking and will continue to work with local residents and their representatives to achieve this.”

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