Early Childhood Ireland not convinved by tax credit proposal for parents employing childminder

strongUpdate 1.05pm: Early Childhood Ireland says it is not convinced by a proposal to give parents a tax credit for directly employing their own childminder in the home.

Two Fine Gael TDs are behind the idea and say it would mean more children could be looked after in their own environment.

But Frances Byrne from Early Childhood Ireland says the proposal is way ahead of its time and more public investment is needed first.

She said: "Ireland has been historically well behind in terms of public investment in terms of early years and that is what needs to improve.

"The answer from our point of view is not tax break, that is not the way to go, we are not there yet.

"It will be a long long time before we can even consider that, there is a lot more investment that needs to be made."

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Earlier: Fine Gael propose tax credit for parents employing childminders in their own home

Two Fine Gael TDs have tabled a proposal for parents to receive a tax credit for directly employing childminders in their own home.

Dublin based deputies Maria Bailey and Kate O'Connell say their initiative will give parents back ownership and flexibility when it comes to who minds their children.

Deputy Bailey says it will take people off the live register, offer a tax benefit to the parent as an employer and enable children to be looked after in their own environment.

She said: "What we hear a lot about when we are canvassing is parents who have to leave their house in the early hours of the morning to get their kids to child care providers or to childminders.

"What we are trying to do is lessen that burden and stress on families so that children can be minded in their own homes.

"We want to give ownership back to parents on how they want their child cared for."


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