DUP: SF 'should be out of Govt' if they breach pledge

If Sinn Féin had not “corrected” its position on Gerry Adams’ arrest they should have been put out of Northern Ireland’s power-sharing government, the First Minister said.

Peter Robinson said his deputy Martin McGuinness needed to clarify his views after he alleged a rump of officers left over from before policing reforms was responsible for the republican party leader’s arrest.

He said his partner at Stormont needed to make clear whether he had breached his pledge of office which requires support for the police.

Mr Adams, 65, was released after four days questioning by police investigating the 1972 murder of Jean McConville.

Mr Robinson said: “Why would we leave the (ministerial) executive because Sinn Féin breaches the pledge of office?

“If Sinn Féin breaches the pledge of office they should be put out of Government.”

The Democratic Unionist leader added: "We would not be slow in bringing forward a motion for their exclusion. Indeed, if Sinn Féin had not corrected their position the motion would have gone down.''

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