Dunnes' anti-Apartheid protestors to be honoured with plaque

Dunnes workers who protested against Apartheid in the 1980s are being honoured today.

A plaque will be unveiled on Henry Street in Dublin in tribute to the 11 workers who staged a picket for nearly three years calling for an end to injustice in South Africa.

It led to an eventual ban of South African goods being sold here during Apartheid.

One of the protestors Karen Gearon says the plaque being unveiled today will also remember the workers' union rep at the time - Brendan Archbald.

Ms Gearon said: "When the strike started he told we wouldn't be out for more than two weeks.

"It was probably the only thing he got wrong in the whole dispute, because he was so supportive to us, but we never thought it would go on for two years and nine months.

"There were times on the picket line when we felt so down, that we just wanted to walk away from it. We would never have gone back in and handled South African produce, we would have lost our jobs before we did that."

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