Dublin taxi driver blames 'racist attacks' for decision to leave Ireland

A Dublin-based taxi driver, who claims to have been has been the victim of unrelenting racial abuse from two women, has decided to leave Ireland following an attack on his home.

Happy Agamah (aged 63) was lucky to escape unharmed when his ground-floor apartment in Rathfarnham was hit with a firebomb last weekend.

He said that two women - aged in their 60s and 30s - have been making his life hell over the past year and he is now planning to return to Germany, where he grew up and spent 47 years of his life.

"Racist attackers attacked me several times with a hammer, to break my door," he said.

"I reported it to the police, they didn't do anything about it.

Mr Agamah also said that his abusers said "get out of my country" and accused him of coming to Ireland to take "our jobs".

"Last Sunday they came and put a mattress behind my window, and set a fire into it," he said.

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