Dublin Mayor plans hit dead end as Fingal votes against

Plans for a directly elected mayor for Dublin failed today as councillors in Fingal overwhelmingly rejected the proposal.

Sixteen councillors voted against the proposal while six voted in favour, with two abstentions.

Members of South Dublin county council are poised to vote in favour of the move at a meeting in Tallaght this evening.

However, that and the result of a meeting of Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown council are now redundant as the Fingal vote means the proposal can not now go ahead.

All four councils in Dublin had to support the plebiscite for it to go ahead.

Current Lord Mayor Oisin Quinn said the Government should now consider pushing ahead anyway, despite Fingal's objections.

"No group should be given a veto on local government reform - particularly, I think, a group that's seeking to hold on to an outdated view."

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