Dublin man gets six years for hammer attack on pensioner and his daughter

A man has been jailed for attacking a pensioner and his daughter with a hammer in Dublin.

Alex Harris from Sackville in Ballybough, Dublin, broke into the man's house after hearing the 81-year-old had a stash of cash hidden under his floorboards.

There was a knock at the elderly man's home at around lunchtime on April 19, 2013.

After opening the door, he was pushed back into his house by a woman and a man carrying a hammer.

He fell on his kitchen floor and was hit in the chest and head with the hammer while his attackers demanded to know where his safe was.

His wife and daughter returned a short time later and his daughter was hit in the head with the hammer before the pair made their escape empty handed.

Soon afterwards, Alex Harris was arrested in the toilets of Artane Shopping Centre where he was in the process of changing his clothes.

He admitted everything and was today handed down a six-year sentence for the aggravated burglary and assaults.

The court heard how both victims have made full recoveries but still live in fear following the attack.

Mr Harris will spend an extra three years behind bars for a separate burglary at St. Vincent's Hospital where he rammed a Garda patrol car.

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