Dublin insurance-claim family denies staying in Four Seasons

A High Court judge has urged a Dublin family to "behave sensibly" in their battle with insurance giant Axa over water damage to their home in Sandymount.

Referring to the €644,000 on offer by the firm, Mr Justice Peter Kelly said it would be "nonsense to look a gift horse in the mouth".

He has refused to grant a number of orders to widow Ann Marie Glennon Cully, including a request for payment of €7,500 per month for alternative living arrangements.

The judge said she could not expect to be accommodated in the Four Seasons Hotel "for a seemingly never-ending time".

However her 24-year-old son Zane Glennon Cully has said he wants to clarify that the family are not staying at the hotel.

"Our claim against Axa has been valued by our experts at around at least €800,000 and we anticipate succeeding at the trial," he said.

"As for the judge's repeated references to the Four Seasons, we stay in a one-bedroom apartment costing €700 per week and not, as it may appear, in luxury costing €7,500 a month."

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