Dublin couple claim eviction is 'illegal'; allowed to get possessions

A Dublin couple say their eviction from their rented home today was illegal.

Violet and Martin Coyne appeared in court this afternoon for contempt of court for failing to comply with orders to leave the house.

The case has been adjourned until October, while an agreement has been reached to allow for their possessions to be taken from the property this evening.

At 7.30am this morning, bailiffs from the Dublin Sheriff's office and receivers from KPMG - accompanied by Gardaí - evicted Violet and Martin Coyne.

The house on Luttrel Drive in Carpenterstown has been repossessed by ACC Bank after the landlord’s company went into receivership.

The couple, who had been renting the property for 15 years, had to leave in their night clothes and without shoes.

They appeared in court this afternoon, during which council for the Coynes claimed an eviction from a domestic tennacy was illegal.

The case been adjourned until October 7.

Violet Coyne says they don't know where they will stay tonight.

She said: "We got no justice in there today, I haven't in the past and I'd no hope of getting any today either.

"What they are saying is what the sherrif done this morning was illegal, well if it's illegal, why are we locked out of our home?

"What they've done is illegal, what are we doing homeless?"

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