Dublin city councillors back directly-elected mayor

Dublin City councillors have backed a proposal to allow Dubliners to vote for a directly elected mayor.

Last night, the councillors voted by a huge margin – with only one abstention and one absence – to put a plebiscite to the people of Dublin on the issue.

Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown, South Dublin and Fingal will hold their council votes on March 31st. If any one of the other three local authorities in the Dublin area block the move, the proposition will not be put to the public.

Fingal is expected to oppose the motion.

If, however, it is passed, a vote could be held alongside the local and European elections on May 23.

Current Lord Mayor Oisin Quinn said he expected a "good debate" and the proposal was "ambitious" and would give Dubliners "a more involved say in how the city is run."

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