Dublin City calls for power to control bin collection services

Dublin City Councillors want control of waste services to be handed back to them.

At a meeting last night there was cross-party support for a call on the Environment Minister to transfer power back to the local authority, in light of the recent fire at the Oxigen plant in Ballymount.

Councillors also want an urgent review of the capital's waste facilities, many of which are located close to densely populated areas.

People Before Profit Councillor Brid Smith said there needs to be public control of certain activities puts locals at risk.

"We had the fire officer … give us a full report, and it seems that there was an awful lot of stuff stored in the premises," she said.

"We were very lucky that there was a huge amount of asbestos store that didn't actually catch fire … but there were other toxic products involved."

The plant is also believed to have been home to a large supply of diesel fuel, which was also untouched by fire.

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