Dublin City built only 29 houses last year despite social housing crisis

Dublin City Council only built 29 houses last year, despite a waiting list of 16,000 people on waiting lists for local authority homes.

At a meeting of Dublin City Council last night, the assistant city manager with responsibility for housing Dick Brady admitted that there is an urgent need to increase housing supply in the city.

The problem, he claimed, is that there are not enough units and the accommodation that is available is not suitable.

55% of those on lists are single and there are very few one-bedroom homes.

Dick Brady also said there's a problem with the council's ageing property stock, calling it a "Celtic Tiger policy legacy".

Excluding the regeneration of Ballymun, there was a ten-fold decrease in the number of homes built since 2009.

While there were different suggestions on how to tackle the issue, all councillors agreed to seek an urgent meeting with Housing Minister Jan O'Sullivan.

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