Dublin-based security boss suing Rihanna for defamation

Rihanna is being sued for defamation by her Dublin-based former head of security.

The order to serve notice on the pop star was made in the High Court yesterday.

Geoffrey Keating with an address at Woodbank Drive, Valley Park, Finglas was Rihanna's former head of security when she was on tour from October 2012 to July 2013.

He is suing the singer for allegedly making "nauseatingly offensive" and false statements about him in an e-mail to his wife last July and in a phone call to his sister.

Mr Keating, who worked for Rihanna on her 'Diamonds' tour between October 2012 and July 2013, claims the comments have tarnished his reputation and damaged the future of his business.

He is seeking damages and also wants the singer to publish a correction.

His lawyer, Gerald Kean, was granted permission yesterday to serve the singer with the legal papers at her home in New York City.

Mr Kean told TMZ.com: "We're taking this battle very seriously. We are satisfied that the Irish Courts will see justice at the end of the day."

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