Dublin '20 years behind' some cities, says cycling safety expert

Dublin is lagging behind the rest of Europe in terms of safety for cyclists, according to the European Cycling Federation.

The organisation is holding its annual AGM in Dublin over the next three days, with cycling advocates attending from all over the world.

The Director of Development for the European Cycling Federation, Kevin Mayne, says Dublin is 20 years behind cities like Copenhagen for cycling.

He says the car is the boss in Dublin and cycling will not take off until that changes.

"This is a congested city, the cyclists are mingling with the cars on the streets, they're mingling with the buses - that does not feel comfortable," he said.

"It's way behind the European benchmarks now where really a quality of segregation is there, or you really have to ferociously calm driver behaviour, through 20kph, through shared space, through putting the car at least level, if not almost below the status of cycling and walking."

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