DPP won't give Marie Fleming 'roadmap' on how to evade prosecution

The Director of Public Prosecutions will not give terminally ill woman Marie Fleming a 'roadmap' on how to evade prosecution for the crime of assisted suicide.

The DPP's lawyers have told the High Court it is not the director's role to give guidelines on when charges may be brought under section 2.2 of the 1993 Criminal Law Suicide Act.

They say it is the Oireachtas who made assisted suicide a crime and it is not for the DPP to devise a series of exceptions to the legislation.

Mother of two Marie Fleming is paralysed with multiple sclerosis and needs assistance to fulfil her wish to die in the arms of her partner Tom Curran at their home in Co Wicklow.

She is challenging the law which could leave her loved ones facing up to 14 years in prison if they are found to have helped her take her life.

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