Down Syndrome Ireland calls for immediate reinstatement of medical cards

Down Syndrome Ireland is calling on the government to restore all medical cards that have been removed from people over the past two years.

The call comes following an announcement by junior health minister Alex White that the review of discretionary medical cards is to be suspended, pending a re-evaluation of the policy.

It's understood that cards that were removed could be restored once the review has been completed and new legislation drafted.

"We would be calling for the immediate restoration of those cards that have been revoked in the last two years," said CEO of Down Syndrome Ireland, Pat Clarke.

"This review has been going on for over two years - it didn't just arise last November, it's been going on for quite some time," he said.

"I know the Government has said that all of these cards will be restored … once the new legislative framework has been put in place. That's not acceptable."

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