Doctors publish guide for migraine sufferers

A new guide for the diagnosis and management of migraines is set to be published today.

The Migraine Quick Reference Guide, by the Irish College of General Practitioners, will be available publicly on its website

Migraine is the second most common cause of disability in women aged between 15-49 years.

It comes after back pain, according to the co-author of the new guide.

It is hoped the guide will help give people a greater understanding of migraines, and improved tools in the assessment of headaches.

Dr Mary Kearney, co-author of the guide, has some advice for migraine sufferers.

Dr Kearney said: "It is important to see your doctor if you're suffering from migraine.

"It's important to keep a diary of your migraine and a diary of the headaches, particularly for the last three months, because when you go to the doctor with a diary and you can see exactly when you are getting them it can often help you and it certainly helps them to put you on the right medication having assessed you properly."

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