Dismembered leg victim believed to have suffered violent death

Gardaí have said they believe the victim, who’s dismembered limbs were discovered at a recycling plant in Dublin, suffered a violent death.

Gardaí are combing through refuse at the Thornton’s plant in Ballyfermot in the west of the city in a bid to establish if further remains are on site.

The alert was triggered on Thursday when a leg was found. Another body part believed to be from the same individual has subsequently been discovered.

With the results of post mortem tests still pending, a definitive cause of death has yet to be established, but there are clear fears the individual was the victim of foul play.

Other potential scenarios, such as the inappropriate disposal of medical amputations or the possibility someone was unwittingly picked up by a refuse collection vehicle and crushed, have also been considered as efforts to solve the grim mystery intensify.

The identity of the victim is not yet known.

The centre on Killeen Road has been closed down to allow the searches and related forensic exams to continue unhindered.

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