Disinfectant measures ordered at ports and airports

Disinfectant measures are being put in place at ports and airports across the country in a bid to prevent an outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease in Britain from reaching Ireland.

This is one of a number of measures ordered by Minister for Agriculture Mary Coughlan following a high level meeting with her Department's officials in Dublin this afternoon.

As the threat of Foot and Mouth looms on Ireland's shores once again, the Government is keen to show that it is taking action.

All imports of live animals, fresh meat and non-pasteurised milk from Britain have been banned, while disinfectant measures are being put in place at airports and ports across the country.

Coughlan has briefed the Taoiseach on the matter, she said he been in touch with the North's first Minister Ian Paisley and the problem is being tackled on an all-island basis.

She said the threat of Foot and Mouth is being taken very seriously, she is however cautioning that foot and mouth poses no threat to the public.

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