Disclosures Tribunal hears Superintendent 'broke the Garda code left, right and centre'

Superintendent David Taylor. Pic: Rollingnews.ie

The Disclosures Tribunal has heard that David Taylor was breaking the Garda code "left, right and centre" for over a year.

The Disclosures Tribunal is investigating whether Garda management directed Superintendent Taylor to smear Sergeant McCabe to journalists.

Today is Superintendent Taylor’s fourth day before the tribunal, and he again faced robust questioning by counsel for the former Garda Commissioners.

Superintendent Taylor has accepted that he wrongly leaked confidential information to the media after his time as Garda Press Officer.

Chairman Peter Charleton asked the former Garda Press Officer about the people whose investigations were potentially compromised by leaked information, to which Supt Taylor said "I’ve to live with that".

Supt Taylor has rejected a suggestion he came up with a plan to shield himself from criminal and disciplinary measures by aligning himself with Maurice McCabe.

Mícheál P O’Higgins put it to Supt Taylor that there was not a single person offering direct evidence of his story that there was a smear campaign against Maurice McCabe.

Mr O’Higgins suggested that Supt Taylor was in a predicament; that the world was closing in around him; that he was under pressure at home; and that he had a strong sense of grievance that he was facing criminal and disciplinary proceedings.

It was also suggested that Supt Taylor became fixated with Nóirín O’Sullivan, and came up with a plan of revenge.

Supt Taylor rejected the suggestion that he decided to paint himself as a victim, sought to align himself with Sgt McCabe and attempted to sell to him and politicians a load of lies.

Mr O’Higgins said that Supt Taylor’s allegation of an orchestrated smear campaign formed the basis of the Disclosures Tribunal and was not the truth.

Supt Taylor said he did not accept the suggestion.

David Taylor has finished giving evidence before the Disclosures Tribunal, with former Justice Minister Alan Shatter due up next.

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