Director of Corporate Enforcement to prepare report into collapse of Seán Fitzpatrick trial

The Director of Corporate Enforcement said it will prepare, with the highest priority, a report into the collapse of the Seán Fitzpatrick trial.

But it is seeking from transcripts of the trial as it says it was excluded from much of the proceedings.

Earlier Taoiseach Enda Kenny told the Dáil it was not acceptable that such a major trial would collapse because of under-resourcing.

And Fine Gael leadership contender Leo Varadkar said he believes some form of inquiry may be necessary.

“I do absolutely share the concerns of the public about how the investigation was handled and the reasons as to why the judge ordered an acquittal.

“I do think we will need an examination as to how this went wrong and why those mistakes were made by the ODCE (Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement).”

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