Dermatologist calls for closing of legal loophole after hospitals report rise in infections from dermal fillers

Accident and Emergency Departments are seeing an increase in the number of people presenting with infections and side effects from dermal fillers.

The HSE has warned that some side effects can lead to the permanent loss of skin tissue and even blindness.

Some non-invasive cosmetic surgery procedures such as dermal fillers can be administered by Beauty Therapists.

According to the Sunday Business Post, a number of consultant dermatologists have called on the Health Minister Simon Harris to tighten up regulations, restricting the use of fillers to formally trained doctors.

A Consultant Dermatologist has said a legal loophole is leading to unqualified people injecting dermal fillers.

Professor Caitriona Ryan said she is deeply concerned at the number of patients that have come to her after they have been misdiagnosed or mistreated by people claiming to be specialist dermatologists.

Professor Ryan said she would like to see dermal fillers classified as a medicine, like Botox, which would limit who could treat patients.

Prof. Ryan said: "In my opinion, dermal fillers should only be injected by doctors and, preferably, trained plastic surgeons or dermatologists. They have a very strict form of training in how to inject, but much more importantly, in how to treat the complications that could occur."

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