Department of Foreign Affairs providing assistance after Irish woman (21) dies in Canada car crash

Update 6.45pm: The Department of Foreign Affairs is providing consular assistance after an Irish woman died in a car crash in Canada.

It happened in Maidstone in the central province of Saskatchewan on Wednesday.

Police and emergency services responded to the single vehicle collision and she was found dead at the scene.

Broadcaster CBC says she was the only person in the car.

The crash occurred near the town of Maidstone, Saskatchewan. Photo: Google Maps.

Earlier: Irish woman (21) dies in car crash in Canada

A 21-year-old Irish woman has died in a car crash in Canada, according to reports.

The single-vehicle crash occurred on a highway north of the town of Maidstone in Saskatchewan on Wednesday at 10.30am (4.30pm Irish time).

The woman, who was the sole passenger of the vehicle, was found dead at the scene.

Maidstone Royal Canadian Mounted Police, emergency medical services and fire services responded to the scene.

According to Canadian police, they are investigating the incident and the victim's family has been notified.

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