Department advises tourists to be very careful in Thailand

The Department of Foreign Affairs is urging anyone planning a trip to Thailand to exercise extreme caution.

The warning comes after the military staged a coup yesterday, suspended the Thai constitution, banned gatherings and detained politicians.

The Department is recommending against all travel to Preah Vihear, Ta Kwai and Ta Muen temples near the Thai/Cambodian border.

It is also advising against all travel to or through the Southern Thai Provinces of Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat and Songkhla due to ongoing instability and terrorist activity in this region.

The Australian authorities report extremists may be planning to target westerners in the southern border provinces.

Travellers should also take particular care when travelling near or across Thailand’s border with Burma (Myanmar).

Anyone visiting or planning to stay in Thailand, should register their details with the Dept of Foreign Affairs here.

This will help department officials contact Irish citizens in the event of an evacuation, or other emergency event.

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