Demonstrators to gather in Dublin over homelessness crisis

A previous protest over homelessness in December.

Demonstrators will gather in Dublin today to protest over housing, poverty and the homelessness crisis.

The National Homeless and Housing Coalition is organising the event at 2pm this afternoon from three locations.

Today's mobilisation will be followed by similar protests across the country.

The Coalition is also planning protests in Cork on Monday evening and in Galway at a later stage.

It says the total number of people in emergency accommodation in the last six years has gone up by about 180%.

People Before Profit Councillor Tina McVeigh says they want to send a message to the Government to tackle the worsening crisis.

"We're responding to the momentum that has been growing and caused from the various grassroots groups that we've been working with to keep the momentum going, and people want to come out onto the streets," she said.

"Most importantly, they want to remind the Government that this issue isn't going away.

"Instead of the Government having dealt with it, and the situation becoming better, actually over the past seven or eight years the crisis is actually deepening and deepening," she said.

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